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The Earth Wine

Curious Drinker Pack

Curious Drinker Pack

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For the curious drinker, this mixed pack of two bottles is the perfect way to explore natural wine. With each bottle being unique, you'll be able to taste the different characters and flavour profiles that make natural wine so special. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced taster, this pack is sure to delight and surprise you. So go ahead and uncork your curiosity!

PINQ (Pét-nat Rosé) 👉 Unique, Fizzy, Vibrant (Not your typical Rosé!)

Neanderthal 👉 Unique, Complex, Masterpiece (Orange Wine)


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What is natural wine?

Natural wine goes one step further than organic wine, the grapes are grown without the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. It also ensures minimal chemical or technological intervention from ground, to grape, to glass.

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    Goodbye to synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides.


    All our wines are from sustainably farmed vineyards.


    No additives and chemicals added. 100% natural and vegan!

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