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Cantina Martinelli



👉 Unique, Complex, Masterpiece

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🍷 : White (Orange)

📍: Veneto, Italy

👃🏻: Orange peel, apricot, chamomile, gingerbread

👅 : Dry, medium-bodied, tannic

🍴: Spicy Asian cuisine, roasted pork or aged cheeses, seafood pasta

Cantina Martinelli's Neanderthal is a unique and complex orange wine made from a single Garganega Cru macerated in a clay amphora for six months. Combining five vintages with different harvesting stages and maceration techniques, the wine has a pleasant tannin structure and great aging potential. Despite its intense structure, NEANDERTHAL is surprisingly drinkable, more reminiscent of the elegance of Montesoro than a tannin bomb. This wine is a reminder that wine can challenge and surprise us.

More Information

Winemaker: Cantina Martinelli

Region: Veneto, Italy

Grape: 100% Garganega

ABV: 12%

Volume: 750 ml

Tasting Note

Style: Bold & Structured

Natural Scale: Funky

Body: Full

Acidity: Low

Tannin: HIgh

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Cantina Martinelli 

Francesco and Dario Martinelli, along with their agronomist friend and winemaker, have taken charge of a 1.2 hectare vineyard in the classic area of Soave. They aim to embody modern concepts such as sustainability, terroir, and identity. Their small, healthy, and vital vineyards produce less than 10,000 bottles, and they use spontaneous fermentation and vinification free from intrusive techniques, thus transmitting the essence of terroir through the glass. They focus on the Garganega grape, which expresses the unique identity of volcanic and mineral flavours complemented by pleasant freshness. This approach is a new reality in Soave, embodying modern concepts for sustainable production.

New Arrivals


    All our growers use sustainable methods that are free from pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.


    Conventional wines can contain up to 350 parts per million sulfites, while the amount allowed in Natural wines hovers around 20 PPMS (parts-per millions).


    Commercial wineries can use up to 56 EU-approved additives (like toxic dimethyl dicarbonate) while our growers do not.

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