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Ortrugo D.O.C. 2021 (Pét-nat)

Ortrugo D.O.C. 2021 (Pét-nat)

👉 Fizzy, Aromatic, Precise (Best-valued!)

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🍷 : Sparkling

📍: Emilia Romagna, Italy

👃🏻: Aromas of yellow fruit

👅 : Smooth & balanced, medium bodied

🍴: Seafood dishes, light pasta dishes, & light appetizers

Ortrugo is a sparkling wine made from 100% Ortrugo grapes grown in clayey soils with a large presence of rocky sand, from vineyards at heights between 250/300 meters. It is refermented in the bottle with its own indigenous yeasts and matured on themselves, resulting in a slightly aromatic, precise and direct wine. Ortrugo pairs well with Asian seafood dishes such as sushi and sashimi, as well as light pasta dishes like spaghetti alle vongole.

More Information

Winemaker: Saccomani

Region: Emilia Romagna, Italy

Grape: Ortrugo

ABV: 12.5%

Volume: 750 ml

Tasting Note

Style: Fresh & Juicy

Natural Scale: Explorer

Body: Light

Acidity: Low

Tannin: Low

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The Saccomani family runs a 12-hectare vineyard in Diolo, Piacenza, where they craft organic wines in harmony with nature. The vineyards have a unique terroir rich in sand, expressed in their label. The family consists of Giuseppe, Luca, and Claudia, who work together to produce honest and direct wines with a natural process. Their sparkling wines are naturally re-fermented in the bottle without added sugar or yeast. Bottling takes place the following spring. Luca and Claudia lead the production and joined the VinNatur association in 2020.

New Arrivals


    All our growers use sustainable methods that are free from pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.


    Conventional wines can contain up to 350 parts per million sulfites, while the amount allowed in Natural wines hovers around 20 PPMS (parts-per millions).


    Commercial wineries can use up to 56 EU-approved additives (like toxic dimethyl dicarbonate) while our growers do not.

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