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Gaspare Buscemi

Perle d´Uva 2019

Perle d´Uva 2019

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A combination of an aged wine with fresh must refermented in bottle results in a unique fizzy wine with the most exciting bouquet and silky palate. The wine shows ripe white fruit aromas along with yeast and sourdough notes. The gentle bubble streams are authentic pearls that carry the wine’s scent to your nose while keeping the wine youthful and lively. Try with whitefish, shellfish, sushi or on its own as an aperitivo.

Product Information

Type: Sparkling

Grape: Cuvèè Of Old Vintages, Various Vines

Origin: Venezia Giulia IGT, Italy

ABV: 12%

Volume: 750 ml

Tasting Note

Style: Fine & Balanced

Natural Index: Classic

Body: Medium

Acidity: Medium

Tannin: Low

Occasion & Pairing

Occasion: Dinner, Gatherig

Food Pairing: Whitefish, Shellfish, Sushi

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    All our growers use sustainable methods that are free from pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.


    Conventional wines can contain up to 350 parts per million sulfites, while the amount allowed in Natural wines hovers around 20 PPMS (parts-per millions).


    Commercial wineries can use up to 56 EU-approved additives (like toxic dimethyl dicarbonate) while our growers do not.

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