Braccia Rese

Braccia Rese, Società Semplice Agricola is a Society that is comprised of three young people with humble roots deeply connected to the soil they were raised on. They found an opportunity to express their values in a meaningful way and took a leap of faith to embark on the journey of transforming their passion into something remarkable. Elia, Giovanni and Livio- the Designer-turned-winemaker, the Surveyor with a commitment to honor the family vineyard and the Oenologist aiming to make fine wines in their hometown- have decided to go back to their roots and utilise the blistering heat of the sun to cultivate their crops and create flavourful wines that possess the essence of their homeland. Braccia Rese is a testament to biodiversity in the vineyard, avoiding the use of chemical products and synthetic substances in phytosanitary control and favouring only copper and sulfur to tend to their crops. At harvest, their grapes become wines with minimal product additions and clarifications, resulting in beverages that mature and grow with time in the bottle. For Elijah, John, and Livy, wine isn't only a luxurious treat, but also a way to ensure that their workers have fair opportunities. Through Humus Job, they seek to promote a sense of change, striving for equity for their present and future workers.

自然酒. 無添加.



  • 有機種植葡萄

  • 低亞硫酸鹽

    傳統葡萄酒可含有高達 350 PPMS 的亞硫酸鹽,而天然葡萄酒中允許的亞硫酸鹽含量徘徊在 20 PPMS 左右。
  • 無添加劑

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  • 天然氣泡酒 (Pét-nat)

    Pét-nats(pétillant naturel)是輕微起泡的葡萄酒,其氣泡來自於瓶內發酵的果汁。由於可以使用各種葡萄品種(從黑皮諾葡萄到卡里尼昂和雷司令葡萄),因此pét-nat葡萄酒有著眾多的變化。 Pét-nats非常清新,酒精度相對較低,是開始任何派對的絕佳選擇。 

  • 浸皮酒 (Skin Contact Wine)

    浸皮 (Skin contact) 是指葡萄酒與葡萄皮接觸的時間。 取決於釀酒師的風格,浸皮可持續數天、數週或數月不等。 果汁與葡萄皮的皮膚接觸量決定了葡萄酒的單寧含量、風味特徵和顏色。"浸皮”是天然葡萄酒中的常用術語,但這裡我們指的是白葡萄酒中的浸皮。 我們知道所有的紅葡萄酒都是用葡萄皮製成的。 白葡萄酒怎麼樣? 天然釀酒師喜歡使用許多不同的技術來使白葡萄浸皮。 "浸皮"白葡萄酒並不是一種新趨勢,它已經存在了幾個世紀。 在歐洲,他們有釀造琥珀酒 (Amber... 

  • 天然酒禮盒

    天然葡萄酒禮盒是了解不同類型天然葡萄酒和不同葡萄酒風格的絕佳選擇。 我們的團隊很高興為不同的葡萄酒產區匯集了不同的生產商,無論在什麼場合,都能給您帶來驚喜和愉悅。 

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