La Biancara di Angiolino Maule

Veneto, Italy

Angiolino Maule and his sons Alessandro and Tommaso tend their land (18 hectares) in the hills of Gambellara, between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, on the last volcanic slopes of the Lessini Mountains. The search for quality and naturalness has been marking the work done in the vineyard and the winery since 1988, the first year of bottling. This has meant a constant, non-intervention approach in the vineyard, until biodynamics arrived and experiments were carried out to find new ways to collaborate with various researchers; the aim was to find new approaches to growing that eliminated the use of not only copper and sulphur, but also pesticides and herbicides. The underlying purpose was to obtain healthy grapes that were full of nutrients and yeasts, and which would age well while maintaining, even during vinification, the same philosophy: great grapes do not need to be improved or corrected. Over the past few years, most of Angiolinoโ€™s wines have been made without sulphites and without being filtered.