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Is natural wine same as organic wine or biodynamic wine?

While natural, organic, and biodynamic wines share similarities, they're not identical. Natural wine comes from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides and is fermented with naturally occurring yeast. Minimal additives, like sulfites, are used during winemaking. Organic wine also uses grapes grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, with strict guidelines for additives. Biodynamic wine goes a step further, incorporating spiritual principles and lunar cycles to enhance soil health. While all natural wines are organic or biodynamic, not all organic or biodynamic wines are natural. It's crucial to understand the distinctions when choosing your bottle.

Why some natural wines are cloudy?

Ever noticed how some natural wines look a bit cloudy? That's totally normal! Unlike conventional wines, natural ones aren't filtered or treated heavily. So, they might keep some sediment from the grapes, making them appear cloudy. But don't let that throw you off! It's actually a sign that the wine is pure and untouched. Many natural wine fans love this cloudy look because it adds to the wine's natural vibe and can bring out unique flavors. So, if you come across a cloudy natural wine, just think of it as part of its charm and enjoy every sip!

Are all natural wines vegan friendly?

Did you know that some regular wines use animal products like egg whites or gelatine to get rid of sediment? Yep, even fish bladders or milk-based casein can be part of the process! But with natural wines, there's no need for all that. They skip the fining step altogether, which means they're always vegan-friendly. So, if you're a vegan wanting to sip on some wine worry-free, natural wine is your best bet! It's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a glass without any animal products involved. Bottom line: If you're after vegan-friendly vino, go natural!

How long I can keep my natural wine after its opened?

The shelf life of natural wines after opening varies, but generally, they'll stay fresh for about 3-5 days. Since natural wines don't have preservatives, they continue to evolve even after opening. That's what makes each sip an adventure! Natural wine enthusiasts love this dynamic aspect of their favorite drink. If you're planning to enjoy your bottle within a few days, keep it in a cool, dark spot to maintain its flavour and quality. Here's to many delightful sips ahead! Cheers!

Is natural wine taste different to conventional wine?

Natural wine stands apart from conventional options due to its chemical and additive-free production process, leading to a distinct flavor profile. While some liken its taste to cider, it's not a universal comparison. Natural wine offers a unique spectrum of flavors not typically found in traditional wines. If you're seeking an alternative wine experience, exploring the world of natural wine is definitely worthwhile.

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