More than organic wine

It’s just like organic wine, right?
In some ways, yes, but natural wine is so much more than that. Just like organic wine, the grapes are grown without the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. However, natural wine goes one step further. It ensures minimal chemical or technological intervention from ground, to grape, to glass.
Natural wine is also fermented with native yeast and minimal sulfites (SO2), an antioxidant that is often the cause of the dreaded headache. Yes, you read that right! Natural wine can help reduce your hangovers. Want more reasons to go raw?

Wine that doesn't cost the Earth

Natural wine is more sustainable than its conventional counterpart. It uses no pesticides or factories that wreak havoc on the environment, and features no harmful additives and preservatives. Each bottle is lovingly crafted by hand, which just makes sense for sustainability.

A trip for your tastebuds

Natural wines are generally unfiltered, bringing a bold depth of flavour you won’t find anywhere else. The use of indigenous yeasts ensures a complex melody of notes that transport you to the Earth where the grapes were grown. It’s like travelling for your taste buds, only you don’t have to leave your living room. Each sip is unique, unlike traditional wine, which is standardized through the use of cultured yeasts.

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No additives added
No harmful chemicals
10 times less than conventional wine

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